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Wharton Club Events:

Tuesday, September 29th, 12 pm- 1 pm EDT

Wharton Club of New York

Valuing Experiences: Generating Wallet Opening Moments and Setting Price Premiums

We all value great experiences and relate to brands and businesses that deliver beyond the product. But how does a business charge (and get paid!) $1,500 for a bottle of Grey Goose when a consumer could get it down the block for $28 at a discount liquor store? How do some winning B2B contractors price higher than the competition and overcome buyer obligations to go with the lowest bid? In this session, Rob will introduce and provide case examples of the Experience Price Premium (EPP). Using data pre- and post-COVID 19, Rob Mann (W’89, C’89, WG’96), management consultant and former Wharton faculty, will demonstrate ways to price your offerings to maximize revenue in today’s environment. He will also introduce the concept of Wallet Opening Moments (WOMs), how to think about buyers’ contextual needs and price to drive customer action. Participants will be able to pose questions and share their pricing experiences to learn from one another.

Tuesday, September 29th, 11 am- 12 pm PDT

Wharton Aerospace Community

Moon to Mars- Drivers of Space Business

New space is no longer new. The last decade has seen widespread change—governments and other public entities historically played a driving role in space research and services, yet tomorrow’s disruptive space technologies are increasingly driven by commercial forces. And, government spending is on the increase as some look to the moon and others look to Mars and many look to both! Of late, we have seen several new entrants to the space sector. On the defense side, Kratos and General Atomics both have LEO offerings. On the commercial side, building for LEO is no longer a question - the lower levels of the supply chain is maturing and generating robust revenues. Musk, having his fingerprints on new starts in all sectors, is building out his (or SpaceX’s) Starlink Constellation. Virgin Galactic and others are readying for space tourism. Join us in a discussion not just about emerging concepts and technologies, but also about how traditional players are pivoting and entering the market. Speakers will include: Simon Potter, Bryce Space & Technology; Alex MacDonald, Chief Economist, NASA; Mike Bruno, Aviation Week; and Tyler Browder, Kubos.

Tuesday, September 29th, 5 pm- 6 pm ART

Wharton Club of Argentina

Dialogue with Wharton Professor Ethan Mollick

Ethan Mollick takes us to the forefront of an empirical revolution in entrepreneurship. New data and better research methods have overturned the conventional wisdom behind what a successful founder looks like, how they succeed, and how the startup ecosystem works. Learn more about the new research on which founders are most likely to succeed, where the best startup ideas come from, and the best way to grow and scale your company and create a thriving culture.

Wednesday, September 30th, 12 pm- 1 pm EDT

Wharton Club of New York

Building Career Resiliency in Uncertain Times

The ongoing pandemic along with other issues in this volatile environment has impacted most, if not all, organizations. There continues to be uncertainty at both micro and macro levels. Depending on your function, industry, and location, the impact to you personally will vary in both form and intensity. Although it is not possible to avoid this or future adverse events, you can build your career resiliency to best weather these storms. The Wharton Club of NY would like to support our alumni during these tough times and we are delighted to host Wharton alumni, Robert Chen, to lead this session on Building Career Resiliency in an uncertain world. Robert is a partner at Exec-Comm, a global communication skills training consultancy and currently teaches Managerial Communication, Impromptu Speaking, and Advanced Persuasion and Storytelling at Wharton.

Wednesday, September 30th, 12 pm- 1 pm EDT

Wharton Private Equity & Venture Capital Association

Opportunities & Obstacles in Special Situations

Open only to alumni who are GPs or LPs overseeing PE & VC investments. What better resource than your Wharton PE & VC Alumni community to leverage for an open discussion and best practice sharing as we manage through this continuously changing landscape. Join us for a virtual discussion with special situations investors, alongside a restructuring and legal advisor, who will share insights, guidance, pitfalls and challenges to turnaround and distressed investing.

Wednesday, September 30th, 12 pm- 1 pm CDT

Wharton Club of Dallas-Fort Worth

The Evolving Economic Outlook

Join the WCDFW and Ryan Morris WG’05, CEO First State Bank. This lunch session will provide candid and timely insight into the commercial bank perspective on near-term credit quality, availability of credit and capital, and prospects of economic recovery or downturn in the post-pandemic U.S. economy. The FDIC is expected to release the Q2 Quarterly Banking Profile (QBP) just prior to our session. Ryan Morris will dissect and translate the reams of data into digestible bites in layman's terms.

Wednesday, September 30th, 12:15 pm- 1 pm PDT

Wharton Club of Southern California

Lunch & Learn Speaker Series with Nicholas Benedict on Digital Marketing

Nicholas (WG '03) is the Managing Director of King, Edward, First, a marketing and strategy advisory firm. Our webinar will focus on sharing insights for small and mid-size companies to better utilize digital marketing to drive growth and customer engagement. We will discuss key areas that all companies need to consider such as how search is changing, strategies to acquire traffic, common challenges clients face and how a customized digital strategy can deliver results, what smaller companies can do to grow their business via email marketing campaigns, social media etc, and how to use data analytics to make better decisions. Nicholas will be interviewed by Alissa Finerman (WG '98), an Executive Coach and Wharton MBA.

Thursday, October 1st, 8 am- 9 am EDT

Wharton Club of Argentina & Wharton Club of Spain

Dialogue with Wharton Professor Mauro GuillenProgram will be in Spanish

Mauro Guillen will present on research from his new book, 2030 – a Wall Street Journal instant bestseller! The world is changing drastically before our eyes—will you be prepared for what comes next? Learn more about the coming changes and an exercise in the power of “lateral thinking,” thereby revolutionizing the way you think about cataclysmic change and its consequences. Please note, this program will be offered in Spanish only.

Wednesday, October 7th, 12:15 pm- 1 pm PDT

Wharton Club of Southern California

Lunch & Learn Speaker Series with WG’98 Kelly Breslin Wright

Hear Kelly's insights on building and managing a successful sales team, managing growth and more. Kelly has extensive experience with building and leading a sales team and how companies can better navigate through multiple stages of growth, IPOs and financings, global expansion, CEO and leadership transitions and strategy development. Kelly joined Tableau as the company’s first salesperson and tenth employee in 2005 and helped grow Tableau into a multi-billion dollar public company as a key member of the executive team. She grew Tableau’s revenue and field operations from zero to $850m in revenues and managed over half of Tableau’s global team as the company grew to 3,300 employees. Kelly will be interviewed by Alissa Finerman (WG '98), an Executive Coach and Wharton MBA.

Thursday, October 8th, 12 pm- 1 pm PDT

Wharton Alumnae Founders & Funders Association

An introduction to government contracting and government financing

Join us to explore ways that government and emerging and small businesses can work together and benefit each other, in a fireside chat with two leading experts who have worked in the conjunction of government and small and emerging businesses: Stan Soloway and Katie Bilek.

Tuesday, October 13th, 12 pm- 1 pm EDT

Wharton Club of New York

Design To Value: What It Is And What It Means To Your Business

Design Thinking has been one of those buzz-word terms and business aspirations in recent years. Yet, few companies successfully monetize the value from design and capture the tangible value in their bank accounts. They fail to employ smart design for their products, services and business models. In this session, Rob Mann, (W’89, C’89, WG’96), management consultant and former Wharton faculty, will introduce you to Actionable Design-to-Value (ADTV) and provide examples of successes and failures in converting design into dollars. He will introduce techniques that you can readily adopt in your business for tangible $ impact in B2C, B2B and service environments. Participants will be able to submit their questions and share their relevant experiences.

Wednesday, October 14th, 12 pm- 1 pm PDT

Wharton Club of Southern California

Current trends in Public Market investing: How Alternative Investments help shape a Portfolio

Ray Schleinkofer, W ’95, who is a senior member of the UCLA Endowment Investment Team, and Head of Marketable Securities, will be interviewed by Jason Breemen, WG ’02. Among other topics, Ray will share his views on the current state of the public markets, which types of investments he favors and why, and what fund managers need to consider when speaking with university endowments.

Wednesday, October 21st, 5:30 pm- 8 pm EDT

Wharton Club of New York

Wharton Club of New York's 2020 Joseph Wharton Awards

Join WCNY virtually on Wednesday, October 21st for the Wharton Club of New York's 2020 Joseph Wharton Awards. The evening's program will include valuable pre-event networking opportunities, an interactive simulations on negotiations, exciting career insights during the awards ceremony, and access to panel discussions with current and prior award recipients who will share their unique industry expertise. Wharton professors, including Peter Fader, Mike Useem, and David Musto, will be moderating the networking and panel discussions. The event will be hosted by CNBC Anchor, Bill Griffeth. Don't miss this exclusive opportunity to expand your business network and gain actionable insights! This year's outstanding winners are: David S. Pottruck, C’70, WG’72, Chairman & CEO, Red Eagle Ventures, Inc. & Former President & CEO, Charles Schwab; Dawn Fitzpatrick, W’92, Chief Investment Officer, Soros Fund Management; Jeff Raider, WG’10, Co-Founder and Co-CEO, Harry’s Inc; and Keiko Honda, WG’89, Adjunct Professor, Columbia University School of International and Public Affairs & Former CEO of MIGA, World Bank Group. Early registration pricing of $25 is available until September 30th, after which tickets will increase to $50 - so purchase your tickets now for this important event! Those alumni who are not currently in the WCNY database can be added and then register for the event.

Thursday, October 22nd, 12 pm- 12:50 pm EDT

Wharton Club of Charlotte

Fireside chat with the Federal Reserve of Richmond

Please join us for a fireside chat with Tom Barkin, President of the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond. The Richmond Fed is one of 12 regional reserve banks in the Federal Reserve System. This will be a unique opportunity to hear from an expert with a front-row seat to the state of the American economy.

Wharton School Events:

Penn Wharton Budget Model’s Biden Policy Analysis

Wednesday, October 7th, 7 pm- 8 pm ET

Professor Kent Smetters and Richard Prisinzano, Penn Wharton Budget Model’s Director of Policy Analysis, willshare PWBM’s comprehensive analysis of Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s fiscal policies related to taxes, immigration, public investment, healthcare, and housing. The model was recently developed and published in partnership with the Wall Street Journal.

Leading towards the future of the Greater Bay Area of China

Wednesday, October 14th, 9 am- 10 am ET

Join Bernard Chan, Convener of the Non-Official Members of the Executive Council, Hong Kong’s highest policy making body, for this regionally focused but globally significant conversation with Kenny Lam, W’96, CEO, Two Sigma Asia Pacific and Erika H. James, Dean of the Wharton School.

Analytics at Wharton Webinar Series

· Friday, October 9th, 12 pm- 1 pm ET: Professor Hamsa Bastani on “Reopening Greece with Data-Driven COVID-19 Testing”

· Thursday, October 15th, 12 pm- 1 pm ET: Professor Corinne Low on “A New Tool to Eliminate Bias in Hiring”

· Wednesday, October 21st, 12 pm- 1 pm ET: Professor Maisy Wong on “Opportunities and Challenges for Real Estate and Non-Real Estate Firms”

· Friday, October 30th, 12 pm- 1 pm ET: Professor Ken Moon on “Understanding Worker Burnout and Turnover Using Big Data”

University Events:

Penn’s Antiracist Education & Action Events

· October 1st, 7:30 pm ET: Call to Action (for young alumni)

· October 6th, 12:30 pm ET: The COVID 19 Crisis Response in Education: Confronting Widening Disparities

· October 8th, 12 pm ET: Behind the Book with Penn Press featuring Kellie Carter Jackson

· October 23rd, 12 pm ET: Diversity Lecture Series - The Shadow Book: Tracing Black Fantastic Imagination from Endarkened Pasts to (Afro) Futures

Penn’s Global Discovery Faculty Lecture Series

· October 14th, 12 pm ET: The Bluest Eye at 50: Reading Toni Morrison in the Age of Trump with Professor Herman Beavers

· October 21st, 12 pm ET: Where Everything is Alive – Mind and Body in the Southwest with Professor Lucy Fowler Williams

· November 12th, 4 pm ET: Rare Books in the Hands of Penn Students with Professor Julie Nelson Davis

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